SQM 2012 6th International Workshop on Software Quality and Maintainability

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As software is playing a crucial role in modern societies, correct and consistent behaviour, cost-effective production, maintenance, and operation of software systems is a fundamental. Thus, the demand for good quality software is increasing. The main question that arises now is how quality is measured. What, where and when we assess and assure quality, are still open issues. This workshop session aims at feeding into the debate about quality and maintainability between software producers, vendors and users by establishing what the state of the practice and the way forward is.

Organizers are looking for research and empirical contributions on:

  • Software quality attributes
  • Software measurement
  • Software maintainability
  • Software quality assessment: practice and automation
  • Software analysis using automated techniques
  • Software evolution
  • Software economics
  • Software quality standards
  • Software quality certification
  • Experience reports

The authors of papers accepted at SQM 2012 will be invited to submit an extended version of their paper to a special issue at Springer's Software Quality Journal.

 Workshop Chairs

  • Yiannis Kanellopoulos, Software Improvement Group, The Netherlands,
  • Yijun Yu, Department of Computing, Centre for Research in Computing, Faculty of Maths, Computing & Technology, The Open University, UK,


You can read about the details of submitting a paper to SQM 2012 at the submission information page of its official website. The important dates are also available there.


1st International Workshop on Volatility and Complexity of Software Systems

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The organizers regret to announce that this workshop will not be running.